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Fleet Tyre Management Software

Complete Tyre Management Software System


Battery & Tyre Management System

Tyre is most costliest consumable after fuel, it is necessary to control costs. How to ensure that the your fitted tires are only existing on your vehicle? Are you able to know running cost of tyre per kilometer? You need to use best fleet software to know your answer.

Our LOZICS Fleet Management System is fully capable of handling Tyre management and maintenance. It tracks each tyre by its serial number during stock keeping activities and transfers. It also classifies your tires into new, old, retread and scrap; along with NSD of each tire in their inspection module. Their history and cost is available at a click of the mouse.

Tyre Purchases

Helps in procurement of tyre by quotes, comparative charts

Factory Fitted

Provision to record factory fitted tyres with position and serial no.

Tyre Fitting

During fitment, vehicle odometer reading, tyre serial no. & position are captured

Comparative Chart

After quote, prepare a comparative chart and buy from lowest bidder.

Tyre Removal

During removal process, odometer reading is captured and total distance covered in computed.

Tyre Retreading

Complete retreading process with stock and cost.

Tyre Transfer

Transfer tyres from one vehicle to other or rotate them from one position to another.

Tyre Inspection

Get inspection report after every trip with NSD and usability of tyre.

Tracking, History & Cost

Track any tyre by its serial number, know fitment history and running cost.

Attractive Features

  • Unique Serial based tracking
  • While removing know reason
  • Total Distance covered by Tyre
  • Performance of new,old tyres
  • Old vs retread tyre performance
  • Know history by serial number
  • Running cost per kilometer
  • Know which brand to purchase
  • Analytics Reports on Tyres

Screenshots from Tyre Management Software in Best Fleet Management System


Tyre Retread


Tyre Removing


Tyre Inspection


Tyre History


Tyre Fitment


Running Cost

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