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Best Fleet Software for Fleet Management

Best Cloud Fleet Software in India

LOZICS® Best Fleet Software for Fleet Management in India

The LOZICS Fleet Software is one of the best Fleet Management System in India to manage and maintain a large number of fleets. The system is integrated with third party vehicle tracking/GPS system, Fastag, Petro and expense cards.

Route Management

Route Management in fleet management system is aimed at to achieve best efficiencies from fleet operations and reduce vehicle in-transit time, on route expenses, fuel consumption and increase profitability.

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Trip Management

Trip Management system is to track movement of vehicle, cash for on route expenses, fuel requirement and consumption. Net balance payable or receivable from driver is computed at the time of trip settlement.

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Spare Parts Inventory

Any fleet management system is incomplete without keeping track of spare parts requirement during repair & maintenance. Our spare parts inventory management system fulfills this requirement.

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Lorry Maintenance & Workshop

Get maintenance due notifications of your truck in advance with complete maintenance process of inspection, estimate, job card, job progress, outside job, maintenance history in Fleet System.

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Tyres & Battery

Track complete history of tyre fitted on your truck, it's running cost per kms., stock of old, new, retead and scrap tyres in the best fleet Management system and manage complete life cycle of tyres and batteries.

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Vehicle & Driver Management

Driver information, attach truck, payment card, petro card, fastag, salary generation, truck's permits and dues, breakdowns, integrated with GPS are part of best Fleet Management System.

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Complete Functionalities, Integrated with Accounting System, Integrated with Third Party GPS, Integrated with Payment Cards, makes it one of the best fleet management system in India.

It is integrated with third party GPS tracking system, fastag -electronic toll collection system and electric payment system.


Benefits and Advantages of Fleet Software

You get numerous advantages or benefits from Fleet Management System, these include cost, profits, consumption, performance, etc., which helps you to make right business decisions.

Know your cost

If you are using Fleet Management System, you have easy access to trip cost and profit, tyre running cost, truck cost and profits, and growth for the company.

Track your Vehicle

Fleet System is integrated with third party vehicle tracking system, which enables you to track your vehicles, while you are working with Fleet ERP Software.

Track Tyre

Each tyre is assigned a unique serial or tracking number, any transaction be it issue, fitment, removal, retread or transfer is done using this tracking number.

Know Fleet Utilization

Trucks available for loads, trucks which will be available in next n hours, number of loads carried by tracks in a particular period are available in Fleet Software System.

Notifications Before Due

You receive notifications on permits and other dues like pollution, RTO, driver license etc. before their expiry. Notifications are also sent before preventive maintenance is due.

Restrict Over Spending

Route expenses, fuel, driver, advances in trip are restricted to maximum limit defined in route master, this allows control your excess spending in lorry management software.

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