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BNG Infotech is a top ERP Software Solution Company in India with over 20 years of experience in Logistics, Retail, Distribution & Manufacturing Management. Explore now..

Creative GUI

Front End of all ERP Solutions is creative, easy to use & self explanatory.

24x7 Support

Our expert engineers serving customers anywhere, anytime round the clock.

Amazing Features

All ERP Software are functionally rich as per industry standard.

Quality Coding

Quality Coding makes a range of ERP Software bugs free and trusted.


20+ years experienced ERP Software Company in India

BNG is a progressive, experienced and customer service oriented based ERP Software Solution Company that provides software solutions to Logistics, Retail and Manufacturing companies.

Easy to use

The GUI interface of ERP System is user friendly, no or less training is required to users.

Regular Updates

Based on business requirements, software functionalities are updated regularly

Customize Based

Industry base ERP Solutions are customizable as per customer's business process

What we do?Our ERP Software Solutions

We create world class, industry specific smart ERP software for logistics companies and retail industry. These software solutions are smart enough to handle complicated business processes and help customers to monitor and control their complex business functions and drive growth for the company. These application software further helps in minimizing processing time, reduce operating cost, increase revenue and achieve goals and targets. All ERP software solutions are cloud based and can be deployed on primises, data centre or can be used as, software as a service (SaaS).

Transport Management System (TMS)

Cloud Transport Software is built for road, air, sea, train and multi-modal modes of transport companies and covers all the processes starting from work order-booking to delivery of goods.

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Fleet Management System (FMS)

LOZICS Fleet Software is the first choice of fleet owners, as has helped them in monitoring trips, reduce fuel cost, control maintenance cost and track vehicles in fleet system.

More about FMS software

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Manages third party logistics with multiple customers in multiple warehouses, location wise availability of warehouse space makes it one of the best Warehouse Management System.

More about WMS software

Retail & POS Management Software

Complete Retail Management System for small retail shops to big retail chains with procurement, planning, POS billing, customer loyalty and warehousing functions.

More about retail software

Distribution Management Software

Distribution and Wholesale Billing Software manages your complete supply chain by fulfilling inventory requirements, order management, procurement planning, delivery commitments.

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Manufacturing Management Software

Manufacturing Software is the most suitable software tool for assembly and line production systems with functions of work order, Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and shop floor.

More about manufacturing software

Finance & Accounts Management

All our software solutions are based on principles of accounting and every process is linked to it by accounting entry of receipt, payment, receivable, payable, revenue or expenditure.

More about accounting software

CRM & Customer Service Management

Strong customer relationship management and customer services in any organization helps in building brand image, attracting more customers and drive revenue growth.

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Freight Forwarding Software (FFS)

Freight Forwarding or Custom House Agents (CHA) software has helped freight forwarders in managing their Job, BL, Vendor Bill, Contracts, Customer Billing and job costing.

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Our Product Based Approach Makes us Modern, Different, Amazing Company!

We provide ERP software solutions to transport & logistics companies by the name of our registered trademarks LOZICS®, whereas the software solution to retail & manufacturing companies are provided under the brand eFacto®. We also have separate website for each solution.


Our SolutionsBy Industry Domains

Our LOZICS® Logistics Management Software covers all the subdomains of Logistics Industry like full truck load, part load, retail load and 3PL Service Providers; whereas Fleet Management Software fulfills all requirements of fleet owners. eFacto® Retail Management Software fits in all retailing formats be it Departmental Stores, Supermarkets, Apparel Stores, Grocery Stores, Distribution, single Retail Store to large Format Retail Chains

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