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Logistics Company Software for Logistics Industry

LOZICS Software for logistics companies in India caters the need of various logistics industry verticals, which includes full truck load, parchoon or part load transportation, fleet owner, freight forworder, cargo movers, Automobiles Carriers and third party logistics providers. The ERP software offers range of features to parcel transporters, FTL transporters, 3PL Service Providers etc.


Full Truck Load (FTL Software)

Full Truck Load or FTL transportation software for Logistics companies is a complete Transport Management System in India. It is built to provide ease of working and timely flow of information across the organization. The following built in features of the software for transport companies has helped the FTL transport companies over two decades:

  • Quick Booking Mobile App for off site consignment generation
  • No Manifest Generation is required, it's automatic
  • Multiple Consignments loaded in a single truck can be linked to one.
  • Detention, Incentive & Pentty contract applicability for Lorry Hire.
  • Multiple Billing formats support for a single customer.

Part/Parchoon/Retail Load (PTL)

LOZICS® is a market leader in parchoon, part load, retail or parcel transportation companies software in India. Robust, optimized to perform large volume of transactions, secure to safeguard your valuable data and smooth running of your all retail transportation processes makes LOZICS one of the best Logistics Management Software in India. The valuable features which makes it unique transport software are mentioned below:

  • Consignee & Consignor search in booking by GSTIN.
  • Comprehensive contract contract to handle freight for general or particular customer.
  • Auto applicability of freight rates in consignment/builty.
  • Lorry Hire Costing based on backward and forward movement of docket.
  • Multiple point transshipment.
  • Transfer of consignment to third party for crossing.
  • Godown Delivery, Door Delivery and Direct Delivery.

Fleet Owners (Software for Fleet)

If you are a fleet owner and own any number of fleets ranging from 20 to 3000, and looking for a advanced Fleet Management System. The logistics software for fleet owner companies in India is the right software for you. It has abilities to provide you control over your fleet operations and monitor your movement of vehicles. The following features are integrated with our transport management system:

  • Integrated with third party GPS vehicle tracking system
  • Advanced Route, Fuel and Trip Management System
  • Integrated Trip Accounting
  • Comprehensive vehicle maintenance system
  • Advanced and best in the industry Tyre Managing System
  • Insurance, Permits, Pollution Certificate due alerts
  • Over Spending in Trip Notifications

Automobiles Logistics Providers

Automobiles and Car Carrying transport companies' business model is always a mix of fleet owners and transporters, hence they require advanced Logistics Management System and complete Fleet Management System to manage their complete business processes. Our LOZICS ERP Software is a right software application of such companies in India by following exclusive features:

  • captures key no., engine no., chassis no. etc. in consignment form
  • Capturing of damages to vehicles at the time of POD generation.
  • Vehicle's document verification at trip begin
  • Integrated transport module fleet system
  • Consignment upload from excel sheet in billing
  • Tracking of docket by invoice no., shipment no., load no. etc.
  • Numbers of bill formats to fulfill customer's requirement

Cargo Movers

Cargo mover companies in India generally, transport the goods via multiple modes of transportation, these includes road, train, ship and air. The Cargo Movers logistics provides needs comprehensive Logistics Management System to manage the day to day complex and huge volume business operations. Our LOZICS ERP Software is a right software application of such companies by following exclusive features:

  • PIN or ZIP based source and destination search docket entry
  • No Service area alert popup on docket generation.
  • Vendor Linking in manifest for vendor bill passing
  • volumetric weight calculation in docket form
  • Bulk Billing to capture dockets based on customer and date range
  • Docket audit before billing for rate verification
  • Pickup order, inscan, outscan using barcode scanning

Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL)

Apart from transport services, third party logistics companies provide warehousing services to their customers. Management of huge inventory for multiple customers is possible by using LOZICS Warehousing Management System (WMS) to manage warehousing operations and Logistics Management System for managing logistics operations. Some features of WMS Software are mentioned below:

  • Warehouse Structure definition with levels, rows and bin locations
  • Space utilization for each warehouse and bin.
  • Intelligent suggestion by system for put away.
  • Self Pick List generation based on inventory outward rules
  • Handles multiple warehouses and bin locations

Freight forworder

Freight forworder' operations are different from transport operation, hence they need a separate operation management software to manage operations. However they may also need Transport Management System for managing logistics operations, if they provide transportation services to their customers. Some features of Freight forwardng Software are mentioned below:

  • Job creation and linking of same in accounting for job wise expense splitting
  • Creation of various documents as per statutory requirement.
  • linking of expenses incurred in a particular job with customer billing.

transportation by Container

container load operators transport goods in containers, these containers are collected from container yard and given them back empty container. Although these operators also do transportation by road, air or sea and require Transport Management Software to manage their logistics operations. Some features of the Software are mentioned below:

  • Managing Container Round Trip for delivery of empty container
  • Loading of container
  • Unloading and Opening of Container.
  • Delivery of whole container or individual shipments.
  • Bill Passing of Container owner.

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