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Get Mobile Applications for Logistics & Retail

Mobile Applications for logistics and Retail

Mobile Applications for Retail & Logistics

We have a range of mobile applications for logistics, transportation and retail industries, these apps include docket tracking, quick booking, POD, last mile delivery, stock or inventory audit and dashboard. These mobile apps give management and user facility to work from anywhere, anytime around the globe. These applications are part of Logistics Management Software and Retail Management Software.

What is the advantage of mobile application over pc based application? It's simple, mobile applications can be accessed anytime and anywhere, whereas PC based application requires time in starting and connecting to internet.

Download e-Booking, e-POD, e-Tracking, e-Delivery, e-Facto-Stock Audit, eFacto-Dashboard Android Mobile App!

Lozics Mobile App
eFacto Dashboard
eFacto Stock Audit

App for Docket Tracking

Docket Tracking and replying to customers' query has become easy by using our docket tracking mobile application. Any one in your organization is able to use it while in office, home or travelling.


App for Quick Booking

Quick Booking mobile application is most suitable for in full truck load business. The booking office is able to punch in required data while loading the truck in remote location.


App for POD

ePOD mobile Application is a tool for modern businesses, which allows fast flow of information. Now your employee or driver can scan the POD and the same as available to you in your logistics software.


Mobile App for Last Mile Delivery

Be updated with real time last mile deliveries made to your customers. Delivery boys scan the docket, get signature on app and upload the POD. You may bill now to customer without waiting for POD.


Mobile App for Stock Audit

The paper era has gone, now your stock auditors can capture the stock count on their mobile phone using of stock audit app available in best retail management software.


Mobile App for Dashboard & MIS

Our Retail Management Software has made it easier for the management of retail companies to view minute by minute sales MIS on mobile app and take adequate step to boot the sales.

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