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Best Online Transport Software in India

Best Transport Billing Software in logistics Management


Transport Billing Software

Customer contracts and billing is an important aspect of transportation business processes, because charging accurate rate of transportation and timely submission of bills to the customer makes logistics companies financial stage. LOZICS® ERP for transport companies is fully capable of adopting various rate contracts and applying this contract in billing without human interference.

Freight Rate Contract

Record freight rate contract with other charges for particular customer & general

Detention Contract

Fixed per day, slab, maximum type of detention rates for customer and vendor

Breakages & Shortages Contract

With allowed packages/weight, rate for customer and vendor

Incentives & Penalty Contracts

Define on per day basis for charging in bill or deduction in payment

Freight Bill

Auto generation of bill based on POD, date range and contract

Contract Calculation Base

Packages, weight, load type, content, slabs, pro data etc.

Non-Freight Bill

generatee separate bill for incentives, detention, warehousing etc.

Bill Submission

generatee covering letter and submit to customer

Pending Billing

Get unbilled list of consignment and bill timely

Attractive Features

  • Template based contract Def.
  • Record multiple contract w.e.f.
  • Export existing contract to excell
  • Import contract from excell
  • Auto GST calculation in bill
  • Pick GST as per registration type
  • Range based billing
  • Detention auto levied on bill
  • Customer's multiple bill formats
  • Bill formats with annexure

Screenshot from Transport Billing Software for Logistics


Contract Freight Rate


Contract Detention


Contract Claim


Contract incentive




Bill submission

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