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Route Management Software in Fleet System

Route Management Software in Fleet Management


Route Management Software

Route Management System supports trip management system at the backend, this defines specifications like distance between two stations, estimated time of arrival (ETA), fuel average on route, toll charges, advance amount to pay for drivers, route expenses. This helps in controlling route expenses and optimization of routes in fleet management software system for fleet based logistics companies.

Route Specifications

To define route distance, ETA for loaded as well as empty vehicle etc.

Driver Advances

Model wise advance amount payable to driver for particular route

Fuel Average & Consumption

Assign truck model wise fuel average for loaded as well as emplty load

Filling Stations

List out filling stations from where driver has to fill fuel on route

Standard Expenses

Fix route expenses payable to driver for the particular route

Google Location API

It is integrated with Google API to calculate distance between stations

Integrated Vehicle Tracking

Automatically creates route master in third party vehicle tracking system

Toll Plazas

Record all the toll plazas with toll charges for the toll plaza fall on the route

Tracking Points

Define tracking points or locations list in which vehicles needs to be tracked

Attractive Features

  • Distance by load capacity
  • ETA by Truck dimension
  • Model wise fuel consumption
  • Truck model wise expenses
  • Tracking points on route
  • Gets distance from Google API
  • Optimize route
  • Vehicle Model wise expenses

Screenshots from Route Management Software for Fleet Owners


Tracking Points


Toll Plaza


Route fuel


Route Expenses


Route Master


Route Advances

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