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Trip Management Software for Fleet Management

Best Trip Management Software for Fleet Management System


Trip Management Software

Trip Management Software System is only software module in Fleet Management Software, which generates revenue for fleet owners and also a major part of expenses are also incurred on trips by the way of fuel and route expenses. Hence, it is necessary for any transport company to monitor the daily trip activity, to ascertain timely delivery of shipments and to control & minimize the expenses during the trip.

The trip software module offers a variety of features to manage trips, pay to driver by cash or card or issue fuel slip; projected advances, fuel and expenses; and get a variance report for all these on trip settlement.

Fuel Management

Fuel Issue, Short Excess in trip settlement, Fuel Bill Passing

Driver Advance

Pay to driver in Cash, by payment cards and or fastag cards

Trip Begin & Movement

Begin Trip, assign document carring and further movement

Trip Settlement

Settle trip with driver balance in cash and various cards

Driver Recovery

Recover from driver for losses on theft and shortages

Integrated Payment Cards

Fully integated with fastag, petro and Happay expense card

Integrated Vehicle Tracking

Integrated with various third party vehicle tracking system and deep integrated with LOCONAV vehicle tracking system

Trip Profits

Get instant trip prifit on trip settlement. This report can be drawn on parameters like vehicle category, routes etc.

Truck Availability

View list of trucks available to take load, trucks on route, trucks on maintenance and trucks breakdown etc.

Attractive Features

  • Single Trip or Round Trip option
  • Compatible for project based trip
  • Multiple of movements in a trip
  • Trip allowances based on per day
  • Distance based Trip allowances
  • Fuel accounting after settlement
  • Way document verification
  • Provision to enter idle days
  • Complete MIS on trip system
  • Expenses and income analysis

Screenshots from Trip Management Software for Fleet Management


Trip Cost


Driver Recovery


Trip Settlement


Trip Profits


Trip Fuel


Trip Begin


Trip advance

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