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ERP Enhancement and Maintenance Services

ERP Enhancement and Maintenance and Customised ERP Software Development

For long life of any business application software, be it, retail, manufacturing, logistics, transport management system or fleet management system it is necessary to amend it regularly to meet competitive business challenges. Mostly, Operation module of Transport software require some customiation, as way of working of differs from one business house to another.


Why Customized ERP Software

Though the all-powerful suite of applications software in the domain of logistics (LOZICS), manufacturing and distribution, retail try to meet maximum requirements of a customer. But, everyone being unique has something that the application may not offer. BNG realizes that each customer must be satisfied to the core and she may not have to ‘compromise’ with a half-cooked application.

Another reason for application enahancement need is to accommodate, changes in business process of customer, which may arise duel to continuous system improvement to meet the competition and drive business growth. Taxation related accounting ERP software modules like TDS, GST, TCS etc. are to be modified as and when govt. changes law, rules & regulations. Bill or Invoice formats for each customers of transport companies are different, so these formats are developed on regular basis.

Feasibility Study:

Any change request received from the transport company, goes thorough feasibility study, the change is only accommodated when it is doable in the software and does not change baseline with the application.

Requirement Analysis:

Detailed requirement analysis is performed for the required change request at the customer's site by series of meeting with the stakeholders. These requirements are further analyzed by a team of technical experts before sending it to the system design department.


Development or coding process is performed by experienced and expert developers, which is followed by code review.

Deployment after QAT:

Any developed process passes through various testing processes. These test processes performed by multiple QA engineers and domain experts. Finally, application is deployed on the customer's application server.


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