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Transport Software in India

Running a business is tough and gets tougher every year. With tightening regulations and increasing requirements across the globe, conventional solutions for keeping track of your vehicles no longer cut it. What you need is an integrated, flexible solution for keeping track of transportation within your company. You need transport ERP software designed by BNG Infotech for you and following are the three reasons for switching to BNG’s fleet management softwares.

Number One: Flexibility

The primary advantage of an online transport software package is its flexibility. Management software of this kind is a general purpose administration package, allowing you to gather, store, and process all information related to vehicles in your company, including route monitoring, reports on performance, insurance, driver licenses, taxes, scheduling maintenance and routine checkups, and much, much more. Instead of working with dozens of different programs, you have all the information you need in a central location.

Number Two: Accessibility

Of course, all of this is useless if it can’t be accessed at a moment’s notice. BNG’s fleet management software is built with accessibility in mind. Our software is located on the server along with the databases storing information about your vehicle fleet. It can be answered (with the proper credentials) from any other computer that can connect to it. This means you can easily access up-to-date information about your vehicles from anywhere in your company. An additional benefit is that it makes scaling up the infrastructure trivial, allowing you to continue to use BNG software no matter how big your business becomes.

Number Three: Safety

The final reason is simple: safety. With information distributed over dozens of documents and programs, the risk of losing bits and pieces is high. Such a loss may be trivial, but it may also be crippling if a vital piece of information is lost amidst piles of documents. Our online transport software package reduces that risk by centralizing data processing and storage with automatic redundant backups performed for added security. As one of the leading transport software companies in India, we are proud to offer only the best security measures for our customers.

BNG ERP & Fleet Management softwares :

Transport Operation
  • • Consignment Booking
  • • Manifest
  • • Local Challan
  • • Lorry Hire Challan
  • • Arrival/Unloading
  • • Delivery
  • • POD
  • • Rate Contract
  • • Billing
  • • Bill Submission
  • • Order Management
  • • Enquiry
  • • Cost Sheet
Fleet Management
  • • Drivers/Vehicles
  • • Documents Renew
  • • Route Management
  • • Trip Management
  • • Maintenance
  • • Tyre Management
  • • Spare Parts Stock
  • • Vehicle Tracking
  • • Alerts on Preventive Maintenance
  • • Alerts on Documents Renew
Finance & Accounts
  • • Integrated Posting from Consignment, Lorry Hire, Billing, Delivery.
  • • Integrated Posting From Trip, Tyre, Spare Parts, Maintenance
  • • Cash/Bank/Journal Voucher
  • • Freight Payment Voucher
  • • Optional Voucher Passing Options
  • • Cheque/Voucher Printing
  • • Branch Accounting
  • • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, P &L branch wise & consolidated.
Logistics & Warehousing
  • • Complaint Handling
  • • Complaint Handover
  • • Complaint History
  • • Settlement/Claim
Customer Care
  • • Online using Centralized Database
  • • Offline using decentralized database with Data Synchronization
SMS Auto Responder
  • • SMS consignment no. from mobile
  • • Status of Consignment auto responded to sender’s mobile.
IP Agent
  • • Goods Receipt
  • • Transfer
  • • Inventory
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